Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between UCSC Genome browsers and Genome Browsers at NYU?

The GMOD GBrowse is a local resource that supports the NYU Genome Technology Center and clients of the CHIBI Sequencing Informatics Group. This browser allows NYU scientists (and outside collaborators) to visualize Next-Gen Sequencing data directly, without downloading huge data files or installing any software onto to the user's desktop computer. Given the size of current NGS data files, it has become impractical to download sequence data to a desktop computer and then upload to the public UCSC Genome Browser. Also, NYU Medical Center is behind a firewall, so data cannot be exported to UCSC via the remote URL method. Data analysis files created by CHIBI (such as RNA-seq gene expression values, ChIP-seq binding peaks, and mutations) can also be loaded as additional tracks in your custom GBrowse viewer.

Do you host de novo genome projects?

Yes. At present, we are supporting Dr. Reinbergs de novo Ant genome project on our GBrowse.

What is your funding source?

Currently, this project is made possible by support from CHIBI and the Office of Collaborative Science (Cores).